New Hope UMC

Bible Study

An important factor in a Church's worship experience and growth is Bible Study. We are not made to worship as individuals but rather with each other. Prior to 2015, we had a difficult time sustaining a Bible study although we made several attempts. That changed this year as we have met consistently in the Fellowship Hall and have enjoyed numerous studies over the years. (The list can be seen on the Bible Study tab. We are always in the midst of a study or planning our next one. We have grown not only in our knowledge of the Word, but as a caring, sharing group delighting in discovering the truths the Bible has in store for us.

Our most recent study is Joshua from RightNowMedia, , by Kyle Lance Martin, Revive School. Joshua is the 6th book in the Old Testament following the Torah. The Jews, or more accurately the te tribes of Israel, will enter and conquer Canaan, the promised land promised to Abraham. Israel is the name given to Jacob by God, who claimed this "nation" as his Chosen people. They had been taken into slavery in Egypt and were returned to the Sinai desert where they remained for forty years. The nation of Jacob, now Israel, were twelve tribes, named after the sons of Jacob. From the tribe of Judah would come the Messiah. During the exile, the people of Canaan had been given over to idol worship and did not follow God. The conquest was devastating and thorough, complete and utter destruction including men, women and children. Needless to say, It is not the most popular book in the Bible. But it is biblical history and truth. He shall have no other gods before Him.