New Hope UMC

Windows Repair Campaign

Our fund raiser for repairing the stained glass windows and the covers is off to good start. To date, we have raised over $7,500 in designated gifts, special honorariums and memorials. This is over half of the funds needed for the repairs. The contract has been approved and the work should begin early in 2016.


You won't be able to see much of a difference inside as it took the critical eyes of some of our members to notice the bulges in several of the windows. If left to continue deteriorating it would certainly have become more noticeable. Outside is a different story as the plexiglass covers have become discolored over the years. We will certainly have a new look when those covers are replaced.

This will complete an Extreme Makeover for our church and grounds. Over the last several years, we have added landscaping, repaired doors, added a handicap ramp, stained it and most recently painted and cleaned the eaves. We also added awnings between the sanctuary and the fellowship hall. There will always be a few ongoing projects but we've certainly come a long in the last few years. Thank you for your prayers, support and patience!