New Hope UMC


Pastor Kermit Shrawder will be with us for the month of May while Sandra is recovering from surgery. Kermit is no stranger to some of us as he currently serves as pastor for the Bethel and Cattle Creek churches. He came out of retirement to follow the call to serve those churches. Prior to his retirement, he was Director of Pastoral services for The Oaks from 1999 to 2010.

We all wish Pastor Sandra a speedy recovery. Don't worry she will keep a close eye on us during this time so it's not like we can get away with anything. We are fortunate to have Kermit to step in for us. We look forward to his time with us and appreciate so much his sacrifice and commitment to the Lord. Let's make him feel very welcome in our church and community.     

 Kermit will be with us on Sunday, April 24.