New Hope UMC


Funeral services were held for Sue Whetstone at New Hope Cemetery on Saturday April 25, 2020. Sue died on Thursday, April 23 after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. She moved to Rowesville with her husband Art Whetstone in 2011, after his retirement. They took up residence in the house build by Art's grandparents in 1908.

They began attending New Hope right away and even through her decline in health, Sue was always present in her pew, center aisle, thrid row back. She was welcomed, loved and assisted by the members at New Hope. in the last few years, it was from wheelchair to her pew, back to the chair and down the ramp. Someone was always ready to sit with her when Art was at the piano. Even in her illness, maybe especially so, she was an inspiration to us and brought out the best in the church. 

The funeral service was beautiful and incredibly moving, a celebratinn of this life and a transition to the next. Pastor Kevin led us and his remarks and message were just right. A eulogy was given by Sue's son, Jeff, who introduced us to the person she was before her illness, the one most of us never knew. Art followed with some memories and acknowledgement of those caregivers who attended her during her time in Rowesville, and to the church for its love and help.  

This was the first time our church had been together in more than a month. A solemn occasion, in unusual circumstances, but surely the presence of the Lord was in this place. Dukes - Harley conducted the service. The obituary can be read here.