New Hope UMC


We got Prayer Week off to a good start on Sunday, January 15, by watching the movie, War Room. It focuses on the power of prayer in a marriage under stress. The movie opened to rave reviews in 2015 and actually became a prayer study for many churches. The lead actress, Priscilla Shirer, has developed a study guide which can be used in connection with the movie viewing. The plot features an elderly woman, Miss Clara, who counsels a young wife on her marriage problems. Miss Clara has cleaned out a closet (the War Room) in her house which is used exclusively for prayer. Not just any old fashioned prayer but one centered around asking God to take over and fight battles against the things that prevent love, including Satan. It is powerful, moving, well acted and has some humorous moments. Prayer is a Powerful Weapon, as the movie subtitle says. 

This marks the first time our church has watched a movie together. Most of our Bible study class was in attendance plus a few other, so about 10 all told. Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful experience to watch it in a group setting. We have been repair_frontupgrading our technology in the fellowship hall and are planning for enhancements in the coming weeks with a new 50 inch TV monitor. With it we will be able to access numerous Christian channels, including movies. The feeling of the group is that we are ready for more movies and visual presentations. That may include the study guide for War Room, which we already have. 

 Thanks go out to Linda Heape, who not only came up with the idea but supplied the movie. Also, a big thanks to Kevin Hutto, our resident techno geek, who managed to get the cantankerous old TV to play the movie for us.  And to whoever brought the pizza!

We hope our movie experience can be a regular event. There are countless visual presentation that will soon be available to us. We are already talking about doing something else real soon. We will announce it on this website so please check it out frequently. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for us, by all means let us know. Or better yet, plan to join us. Immediate seating available.