New Hope UMC


It was a holiday occasion and we were in a festive mood. More likely, a hungry mood. It has been a while. The pandemic brought us down a notch in our social activities, but we are back now, undaunted and ready to go again. So we gathered at the Fellowship Hall on Sunday July 3 after church for hot dogs and hamburgers, side dishes, desserts and more. It wasn't right after church as Kevin had this sermon he had to deliver in Branchville, so we went home and came back with our appetites still intact.  

This sort of came together without a whole lot of fuss and planning. You bring this, I'll bring that. But it worked beautifully for us. We had about 35 folks who enjoyed the food and fellowship. We didn't fill the Fellowship Hall but we did fill our plates. There is definitely a feeling of joy that comes with folks getting together. Maybe we are built that way. "God has created us for community, and Jesus has redeemed us for community. In doing so, he has made us into his very own body (1 Corinthians 12:27) that is able to live, love, and make known his “good news” to our friends and neighbors."

July 4th might be known now for barbecues and cookouts, but it was the birth of a nation. A nation founded on liberty and Christian principles, lest we forget. It is a somber experience to look at the fates of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, what they sacrificed so that we night have independence and the freedoms that we enjoy.   


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