New Hope UMC


On November 29, we welcomed 67 members and friends for our Fifth Sunday Hymn Singing and Scripture service. This was the third such event for us and has proved to be a big hit. This one was particularly special and moving as the date coincided with the First Sunday of Advent, so we combined it with our Hanging of the Greens celebration, honoring the centuries old traditions of our church and our faith.



The Hanging of the Greens service honors the traditions of greenery, the Christmas tree with its decorations and Chrismons and gifts for the Christ child. Members participated in an impressive service with readings and activities. The hymns were responsive to the occasion. John Wesley admonished his congregants to "Sing lustily and with good courage." We did not disappoint.

After the service, we enjoyed a fellowship dinner with tasty comfort food provided by Tom Jennings. In the short span of three such services, we have welcomed many friends with roots in Rowesville who look forward to these gatherings. For them, it is a great experience to go back to the church in the old hometown and see old friends. It is also reassuring to see the church of their youth in good hands and making progress. Many of these friends have contributed generously to our Windows Repair campaign.   

Our first two Fifth Sunday celebrations were led by the lovely and talented Mardell Nasshan. Mardell has moved from the area and is now affiliated with Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse. She left some big shoes to fill so we have begun an executive search. If you know of a songleader who might be willing to help us, please use the contact form and let us know. 

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