New Hope UMC



We had yet another wonderful Fellowship Dinner with members and friends. It was truly a cause for celebration as we recognized the occasion of the completion of our stained glass window repair and replacement of the window covers. Perhaps even more significant was the outpouring of generosity from our community. Through members, friends and even another church, we raised a total of $14,000, certainly a remarkable amount for a church of our size. The church was gleaming inside and out and each time we see our church building we will be reminded of this special time when we showed our love for the Lord by caring for his building and sanctuary. 

We had a great service and added a few wrinkles. We were led in our singing by Kermit Shrawder, who had pastored for us during the month of May. He gave us some background on some of the hymns. We sang lustily and joyfully and occasionally hit a few right notes. Kermit's wife wife, Mary, hit all the right notes when she sang a duet with our own Sara Steinbraker. We enjoyed spiritual music from Andrew Fogle and from a group including Kain Halls, the daughter of our beloved Justine Halls. See bulletin for the service details.

We welcomed back Pastor Sandra who is recovering nicely from her broken foot. She provided the scripture readings for us and generally kept us in line. Our thanks to all the members who gave special effort to get this event to come together.

We enjoyed the usual great meal from our friend Tom Jennings. During the dinner, we were treated to a slide show of old photos from Rowesville and New Hope. These were provided by Robert Fairey III who grew up in Rowesville and attended New Hope. This is a good kickoff of our effort to get history together. 

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