New Hope UMC


Annual Conference Disaffiliation Vote Details

The Annual Conference of the UMC at its meeting on June 11, 2024 approved the disaffiliation of 112 churches including New Hope UMC. The announcement and the entire list of the churches can be viewed here 

A Brief History

We voted as a church on February 18 to leave the United Methodist demonization. The vote was unanimous with 20 members voting. That vote represented the culmination of a long process of completing the requirements in order to be considered at the Annual Conference meeting held in June.  The process includes receiving title to our church property formerly held by the Annual Conference. 

Next Steps

The new church will be known as New Hope Methodist of Rowesville. We may use 'Methodist' in the name but cannot use United Methodist. Everything is in place for the new church to begin officially on July 1 as an independent church. We will not be in a charge with Branchville as they remain United Methodist. Kevin will no longer be pastor at Branchville after July 1.  

Denomination Possibility 


 A member of the Global Methodist denomination will join us on Sunday June 16 as part of their ambassador program. Global is the new denomination which came about as a result of the split. A vote of the members would be required.