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On September 30, members of the choir from Buncombe UMC, under the direction of Rosemary Hughes, led our Praise and Singing service. This is the third year that Buncombe has been with us, every one a memorable occasion. This service included a heavier dose of audience participation as three segments featured favorite hymn requests. Congregants called off the hymn numbers and Rosemary played them for us. We responded by singing lustily, frequently on key. Here's a sample.

#98 - To God Be the Glory
#77 - How Great Thou Art
#369 - Blessed Assurance
#593 - Here I Am Lord
#364 - Because He Lives
#474 - Precious Lord, Take My Hand
#530 - Are Ye Able
#328 - Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place

The choir performed several numbers including The Quiet Heart, For the Autumn Sky and Give Me Jesus, the latter featuring a solo by Rosemary. We could have probably gone all day without running out of hymn favorites but hunger set in and we adjourned video of this wonderful musical program here.

It wasn't very long ago that the future of New Hope was to say the least, uncertain. Through God's guidance we were blessed with leadership from the pulpit with Sandra and now Kevin. We were inspired to fan the flame and rekindle. An important part of the renewal was bringing friends back to Rowesville with our singing services and fellowship dinners. These Fifth Sunday occasions have become a mainstay of our worship experience. Buncombe and Shandon have been at the forefront of this undertaking and for that we are forever grateful. We are also indebted to Ed Hinshaw, Mardelle Nashan and Kermit Shrawyer who have brought their musical gifts to our congregation over the years. We are also grateful to friends who make a special effort to be with us. God bless you one and all. As Kevin put it on Sunday, music has a special place in the worship of God. We look forward to the next time we all get together to praise God in song.

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