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Carolina Railroad Town

Not so very long ago, giants began to roam the earth on metal rails at land speeds unknown before. The giants were called trains, and their paths, rail roads. Blending power with magic, this massive rolling creature chased itself hilariously uphill and down at dizzying paces, and yet was clearly under the control of its essential and unquestioned leader: the chortling, spark-striking, steam-belching locomotive. As the awesome giant roamed to serve the needs of humans, it almost instantly became (with the exception of one courageous culture and some eccentrics) beloved. Carolina Rail Road Town is a true story of the force which relocated populations and changed the pace of local, national, and global transportation. For both good and not so good, it also sped up the human race. Along with the needs of everyday life in South Carolina's coastal plain, the locomotive's fraught reign witnessed a final archaic ritual of violence followed by a strange street killing and a final legal duel. Meanwhile, residents of a specific town invented by three (3) rail lines lived through record-setting earthquake, a decade of fires, and military occupation after war of the worst kind: countrymen against their own -- a nation pitted against itself.

The past is a powerful teacher, but it teaches only those who are willing to learn.

The link here is to a single book. There are four books in the series. Available at Amazon Carolina Railroad Town: Enter the Valuable Past

Reviewed by: Art Whetstone