New Hope UMC


In July, 2021, our Bible study class watched the movie, Wesley: A Heart Transformed. Actually, we watched part of it. We decided to enjoy it in several sessions, due to its length. Many of the early scenes are of Wesley's mission to Georgia, which he regarded as a failure because of his encounter with the law. Remember at this time there was no separate Methodist denomination only a group referred to as "Methodists", so called because of their strict adherence to method in their worship. It was perhaps this need for strictness and piety that led Wesley to his dismissal of the young lady. The charges against him were later dropped and Wesley would eventually marry, thus renoncing his vow of celibacy.

The decision to watch this movie comes at a time when the Methodist denomination is preparing to split under separate banners of traditionalists and progressives. The formation of the Wesleyan Covenant Association comes with a strong suggestion that we reconnect with our beginnings. A look at founder John Wesley is a good start.