New Hope UMC


The Creation study began Wednesday, October 13, 2021, and is on the book of Genesis, taught by Pastor Stephen Armstrong, and produced by Verse by Verse ministries. We go back to the beginning, the first verses in the first book of the Bible. This is a study of the creation, including scientific aspects. It tells the story of how everything began and why it happened. We look at the literal truth of the book along with its important historical background, the scientific relevance of the Creation story and God's plan to redeem all things.

The study proceeds a day at a time, Days 1 through 6. Pastor Armstrong deals with each day in some detail, making sure we understand that each depends on what took place in the previous day. The universe must be set including planets, solar systems, etc. which all are necessary to support life on the Earth. God is outside of time and space and His authority and power are evident in the remarkable story of the Creation.