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We continue our study of The Chosen, a series produced by the Vidangel organization. This is the third of seven planned seasons, each with 8 episodes. The entire series is available free on he VidAngel app. It has now been viewed by over 400 million people worldwide, so it is immensely popular, Reviews of this series are over the top. The series is produced independent of commercial sources. It was started by Dallas Jenkins and his team with the idea of producing a single season and then assessing the viability of the project. When we first started watching three years ago, it wasn't easy to get it streamed, sort of hit and miss. But now it is readily available with excellent quality. 

The series tells the story of Jesus' ministry beginning the selection of the disciples and others who were part of his following. Events would appear to be in chronological order and that was a goal of the production team. If you wanted to see the life of Jesus from beginning to end, this is an excellent way to do it. Of course, there are four seasons left after this one and they will likely come a year at a time.  

We are watching this in a group setting ias part of our Bible study, but there is no study requirement as such. No homework, tests, or not even much discussion as each episode runs about an hour. But there is something about viewing it as a group that adds so much It is interesting to observe the comments afterward. The story is told through the eyes of Jesus' followers and the people around him and you hear comments like "it's as if you were there!" It is not a study, but rather an invitation to study. In every episode, something new is there about Jesus, the disciples or the general setting. 

This season begins where Season 2 left off, with the Sermon on the Mount and its repercussion.   Here is a listing of the episodes along with a brief summary. 

Episode 1: Homecoming.  Jesus delivers the most life-altering sermon in history. The result? More followers, more enemies, and disciples ready to follow Jesus anywhere. Simon and Eden reunite, Matthew faces his past, and Andrew visits John the Baptist in prison. .

Episode 4: Clean, Part 1 Two by two, the disciples carry out Jesus' mission to heal, cast out demons, and preach his words. But upon returning, they struggle with understanding what happened while Simon and Eden struggle to reconnect.

Episode 5: Clean, Part 2As tensions mount at home, Simon and Gaius work together to fix the water problem in Capernaum. Meanwhile, Jairus and Veronica are equally desperate to find Jesus as the only hope for their crises.  

Episode 6: Intensity in Tent City. Andrew and Philip discover their previous mission resulted in devastation that will require a return. Simon Z is finally forced to confront his past, but then two disciples of John the Baptist come to Capernaum with an important question for Jesus.

Episode 7: Ears to Hear. Andrew and Philip return from their trip with desperate news: they need Jesus' help to solve a huge crisis in the Decapolis. Jesus leads them on a trip to the dangerous region, where they face opposition from all sides. Literally. Meanwhile, John is assigned to bring an angry Simon to Jesus. .

Episode 8: Sustenance. Thousands arrive to first argue with, then listen to Jesus as he preaches. Shmuel and Atticus hear what's happening and journey towards the Decapolis to catch Jesus in the act of a possible revolt. Meanwhile, as the preaching extends to the next day, the disciples realize they have a significant problem: the thousands are hungry, and there's no food..