New Hope UMC


We begin a study in the new year which involves a new concept, at least for us. The Bible Project uses technology to enhance the experience of studying the Bible. BibleProject is a nonprofit ed-tech organization and animation studio that produces 100% free Bible videos, podcasts, blogs, classes, and educational Bible resources to help make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.

From their website: "Our Bible resources help people experience the Bible in a way that is approachable, engaging, and transformative. We do this by showcasing the literary art of the Scriptures and tracing the themes found in them from beginning to end. Rather than taking the stance of a specific tradition or denomination, we create materials to elevate the Bible for all people and draw our eyes to its unified message".

We will begin with the familiar story of Advent, fresh on our minds as we experience the Advent season. Wednesdays, Fellowship Hall, 6 p.m. Immediate seating available.