New Hope UMC


Why do we study Bible Prophecy? Bible prophecy proves there is a God like no other God… a God that knows the end from the beginning. Bible prophecy is proof of the inspiration and the absolute accuracy of the Word of God.

In this thrilling series, Pastor Hagee walks you through an in-depth study from the beginning of the Book of Revelation to the end. He describes in great detail the truth of prophecy through a dynamic and detailed chart that will make prophecy come alive.

This program was taped LIVE in Waxahachie, Texas at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. It is a 4 part presentation. Pastor Hagee uses his abundant teaching skills, charts and illustrations to bring the breadth and width of this significant biblical truth.  

It reads a bit like science fiction does Revelation and it helps to have someone like Hagee to unpack it for us. Using biblical references from the Old Testament and the Gospels lends credence and some understanding. But it is still a formidable and sometimes unsettling experience with plagues, destruction and final battles. Perhaps it helps to have a strong belief in a God who created heaven and earth and made human life possible. An omnipotent, all - powerful God outside of time and space, who knows the beginning as well as the end. He has given us His inspired Word that tells us from whence we came and how we will spend eternity with Him. We live in His world and are here to worship Him, adore Him and fear Him. "This is my Father's World. I rest me in the thought."

May, 2021