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The Israelites were coming into possession of the Promised Land after 430 years in Egypt as slaves (Exodus 12:40-41) and 40 years wandering in the wilderness. Joshua (meaning “Jehovah saves” or “the Lord is salvation”) became the leader of the Israelites at the age of 90. Through the Book of Joshua we see the faithfulness of God and the fulfillment of God’s promises about Israel possessing the Promised Land. The one word for the Book of Joshua is COMMANDER.

Joshua is the 6th book in the Old Testament following the Torah. The Jews, the tribes of Israel, will enter and conquer Canaan, the promised land. Israel is the name given to Jacob by God who claimed them as his Chosen people. They had been taken into slavery in Egypt and were returned to the Sinai desert where they remained for forty years. During that time the people of Canaan had been given over to idol worship and did not follow God. The study is from RightNowMedia, Revive School instructor Kyle Lance Martin. It was begun by our group in May 2023. Each lesson is about 30 minutes so plenty of time for discussion.

Transferring Leadership Ch 1-2  After Moses’s death, Joshua became the leader of the Israelites. The Lord commanded Joshua to lead the people over the Jordan River and into the Promised Land. Before crossing into the new land, the Lord gave Joshua promises of His faithfulness: “I have given you every place where the sole of your foot treads. No one will be able to stand against you. I will be with you. I will not leave you. You will succeed in what- ever you do. I am with you wherever you go.” .

Breaking Camp Ch 3-4  The Israelites looked ahead at the Promised Land and saw the Jordan River in their path. Joshua received orders from the Lord on how they would cross over. First the Israelites had to break camp, leaving a place of comfort. Then the priests had to stand in the water with both feet. When they followed these instructions, they witnessed God’s miraculous hand—the Jordan River dried up, allowing thousands of Israelites to walk across the riverbed.

The Wall Fell Ch 5-6 The Lord gave Joshua the plans for taking over Jericho, bringing victory out of destruction. Joshua listened to the Lord and, as commander, gave the plan to the Israelites. They followed the instructions from the Lord, even though they appeared to be strange, and not your average orders for taking over a city. Joshua trusted the Lord and responded with obedience. .

Blatant Sin Aganst God Ch 7-8  After the Israelites were struck down during the first battle with the city of Ai, Joshua discovered that “Achan son of Carmi, son of Zabdi, son of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah” had been unfaithful to the plan the Lord had given the Israelites during the destruction of Jericho. Achan had disobeyed orders and taken some of what had been set apart. Therefore, when the Israelites went to battle against Ai, they were not protected by the Lord, and men died. The Israelites became discouraged. Despite all this, the Lord instructed Joshua, “Do not be afraid or discouraged.” God had a new plan for defeating Ai. .

Believing God and Believing In God Ch 9-10.  After the Israelites conquered and destroyed both Jericho and Ai, the people of Gibeon feared for their lives. In an effort to save their lives, they carried out a crafty plan and tricked Joshua and the Israelites. The plan worked, and the Israelites, without seeking the Lord’s wisdom, swore an oath to allow the Gibeonites to live in their land. Eventually, Joshua and the Israelites learned the truth, and the Gibeonites never found the freedom they desired. Instead, as a result of their deceitful ways, they served as woodcutters and water carriers for the rest of their lives. .

Completing God's Plan Ch 11-12.  News of the Israelites’ victories in battle spread throughout the northern cities of the Promised Land. As a result, Jabor, the king of Hazor, gathered all the neighboring kings and their armies to attack Israel together. The combined army was as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore. Joshua heard of this coming attack, and the Lord reminded Joshua not to fear. Then He gave Joshua the strategy for victory. God’s battle plan included both God and man. God would hand the armies over to the Israelites, but He still gave the Israelites a battle plan.

Caleb's Unaltering Confidence Ch 13-14 .  Forty-five years after spying out the land in Canaan, Caleb reminded Joshua about the inheritance the Lord promised him. Even after years of wandering in the wilderness without seeing the fulfillment of God’s promise, Caleb remained loyal to the Lord his God. Joshua recognized Caleb’s loyalty to the Lord and blessed him, giving Hebron as an inheritance. Even at the age of eighty-five, Caleb remained strong in the Lord. You may be young or you may be growing older in years, but like Caleb, you are called to keep your eyes on the Lord. Remain steadfast and immovable. You may have hard days. You may feel as though you have giants to face. You may even be wandering in a wilderness. Continue to remain faithful to the Lord. Today, believe God is at work. He has not forgotten you, and His promises still stand. Great is His faithfulness.

Asking for Inheritance Ch 15-16.  Caleb marched against the inhabitants of Debir. He promised his daughter Achsah as a wife to whoever captured Kiriathsepher. Othniel captured and struck down Kiriath-sepher, and he received Achsah as his wife. Achsah persuaded her new husband to ask her father for a field. Achsah knew her father had more to give the newly married couple, so she asked for even more. She asked for a blessing and for springs of water. Without hesitating, her father gave her both the upper and lower springs. In a similar way, your Heavenly Father has even more gifts for you. As you walk with Him in integrity, He will not withhold good things. He has more power, grace, wisdom, and joy to give, even beyond what you can imagine. Jesus is your daily source of living water. As you believe in Him, it lives within you. The Lord says to abide in Him, asking what- ever you wish, and it will be done for you. Today, confidently ask the Lord for even more. May His living water spring up within you today.

Division of Land Ch 17-18.  The entire 8Israelite community came together at Shiloh. Seven tribes of Israel had not yet divided up their inheritance. Joshua wondered how long the people would delay going out and receiving what the Lord had given them. Therefore he instructed the tribes to go and survey the land, write descriptions of it, and then return to him. Joshua waited for them to return at the Tent of Meeting. Then, in the presence of the Lord, they cast lots

The Tribe of Asher Ch 19-20.  The tribes of Israel continued to mark their inheritance of land. Each tribe had land with boundaries. Each allotment was different, and each tribe was responsible to care for their assigned land. The territory of the Danites slipped out of control. They had to fight for their plot of land and take possession of it. When the Lord gives you land, a home, or even relationships or chil- dren, you are responsible to care for them. Sometimes, like the Danites, the things God entrusts you to steward can get out of control. Is there anything in your life that you own or are responsible for that feels out of control? Maybe you have a hard relationship or struggle raising children. Perhaps your home is falling apart, and you don’t have the resources to keep up. You may not know what to do next. Remember, the Lord cares for you, and He has entrusted you to care for the things He has given you. Seek Him in the middle of the chaos, and trust Him to give you the wisdom to steward them well and with excellence. Don’t give up! The Danites had to fight for their plot of land. You may have to press in, pray hard, and fight the battle before you. Remember, the Lord will be with you. In Him you have victor

Building an Altar Ch 21-22.  After the ribes spread out to their inherited cities and pasture lands, word came that the Reubenites, Gadites, and half the tribe of Manasseh had built an altar on the frontier of the land of Canaan. Because of past sins and experiences, the Israelites assumed they built the altar as an act against God. However, before attacking and going to war against them, they sent Phinehas and ten leaders to seek more understanding of the altar. It turned out they built the altar with pure motives so future descendants would know about their relationship with the Lord God of Israel. When Phinehas and community leaders reported the truth about the altar to the Israelites, they were pleased and praised God. No one spoke about going to war with the decedents of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh again

God Sent the Hornet 23-24.  Joshua spoke to the Israelites before his death, reminding them of God’s powerful faithfulness over the years. Once again, he encouraged them how to live—fear the Lord, worship Him in sincerity and truth, get rid of other gods. Simply put, obey Yahweh. Then Joshua placed a memorial stone under an oak tree as witness to not deny the Lord their God, the Rock of their salvation. It’s as though Joshua were saying, “Please just keep your eyes on the Rock.” Have you ever walked into a home and seen a plaque with, “As for me and my family, we will worship the Lord”? Or maybe you have these words in your own home and pass by them daily. What does it mean for you to worship the Lord as a family? Today, ask the Lord: “Have I gotten away from worshipping the Lord in Spirit and truth? Do I have other gods besides the one and only Jesus Christ, the Rock of my salvation? Am I obeying You?” If the Spirit brings anything to mind, turn from it and fix your eyes on Jesus. Refocus on the Lord Jesus and seek Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. He loves you, and He’s all you need.