New Hope UMC

Information on interments in New Hope Cemetery are now available on, a world wide database of burial records. Most of these records (called memorials) were entered in 2009 by a contributor to Find A Grave. There are currently 402 entries and would it appear to be fairly complete and up to date. Any missing burials can be added. This would apply as well  to information about a particular relative.

A Quick Tour. If you aren't familiar with Find A Grave, perhaps the best way to go get acquainted is to go through an example.  Click on the link above to go to our cemetery. If will open in a separate page, so you can go back and forth from these instructions.

  • On the right hand side under Links, note that there are 402 interments of which 91% have photos. There are also links to add a name and to upload photos, etc.    
  • Click on View all Interments. There is an alphabetical listing showing the first 40 entries. Clicking on the "records" at the top of the listing will take you to the next 40. If you want to skip a bunch or records, type in a single letter in the search field.  
  • Click on the first entry, Daniel Cecil Antley. There are a number of things to review here. 
    • Family links. These have been provided for parents, spouse and siblings and are accessible by clicking on the link. If you click on the link for Eugenia Kathleen Antley, you will be taken to a similar page. The same is true of any of the other links. (Use the back arrow to return to Cecil). 
    • photos. There are photos of the tombstones and inscriptions uploaded by the contributor.
    • calculated relationships. Hold your mouse over the word and you'll see an explanation of this activity. This is discussed below.
    • Created by. In this case, "Ann". This is the contributor who provided this record. If you follow this link, you'll see that she has added 98,000 records.  
    • Burial. In this case New Hope Cemetery. This is also linkable. To see a record for another cemetery, click on Frederick William Antley, father. (Note his death certificate was added).  His burial is in Canaan Baptist. By following that link, you will see a home page for that cemetery.
    • On the left hand side is a link under Actions for Help with Find a Grave. This might answer other questions you may have. 
  • On the cemetery page, you can find family members by entering the name and doing the search. If you enter the last name only, it will show all entries including that name, e.g., maiden names. 

 Other Comments. 

Find A Grave is an immense database containing millions of burial records throughout the world. It is now owned by Both of these enterprises have headquarters in Salt Lake City. The links in the burial records are automatically generated when a record is entered assuming a record exists. Remember that these are burial records, so you will not find records for relatives who are not deceased. It is not a genealogy in that respect. That is the busiess of Ancestry.

It is possible for someone other than the original contributor to add records. You must be a member, which is easily accomplished with an email address and password. There are no fees for any of this.  You cannot add siblings, parents, etc. to a record. These must be entered as original burial records. You can however add links to existing records. So this is another limitation. The links are only for existing Find A Grave records. I don't yet know if it possible to enter a records where the cemetery is unknown.  

Edits and corrections may also be made. Obituaries and death certificates also appear for certain memorials. I assume these may have come from Ancestry. 

What now? This is new to us, so take some time to look it over. Follow some links and get reacquainted with your loved ones.  If you note missing information or something that needs to be corrected, let me know. I can make the changes. If you are interested in doing more or have some ideas, let me know also. 

Art Whetstone

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