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Newsletter November 18, 2015 New Beginnings at New Hope VOLUME 3, ISSUE 17
Window Repairs Funding

In the past few months you have been made aware that we are facing needed repairs to the stained glass windows. The problem with the windows was discovered a few months back when bulging was noted in several of them. We received two bids for repairing the windows. We also asked for estimates on replacing the plexiglass covers which have become stained and discolored. The Administrative Board and Trustees have selected a contractor, Charlestowne Stained Glass, and are planning to proceed with the needed repairs in early 2016. The estimates are:
   Window repair $ 6,232
   Window covers    5,978
  Total $12,210

We recently spent approximately $2,000 for the removal of mold and mildew from the front of the sanctuary. This expenditure included staining of the handicap ramp and some painting in the Fellowship Hall.

Our church is in good shape, thanks to sound construction and care and maintenance over the years. Once these repairs are completed, it will have a different look from the outside and we can rest easy with the condition of the beautiful windows on the inside.

We are off to a good start. To date we have received $1,650 for the repairs. In addition, we have received generous special gifts of $1,600, including honorariums for the pastor and memorials for Justine Halls.

We are asking for your help, prayerfully and financially. No gift is too small. Please mark your check “windows” and mail to PO Box 54, Rowesville 29133. Or drop it in the collection plate on Sunday. Thank you and God bless you.

Projects Completed

Fellowship Hall -
•  Painting inside and outside
•  Landscaping
•  New toilets
•  Cooling fans
•  Gas heater
•  New flooring
•  Cabinets
•  Hot water heater
•  Shutters
•  Pastor’s office remodel
•  Prepare library room
•  Water service
Sanctuary -
•  Awnings
•  Landscaping
•  Repair doors
•  Repair & painting of cracked plaster walls
•  Remove mold and mildew
General -
•  Handicap ramp
•  Metal roof for sanctuary and fellowship hall
•  Painting inside and outside
Looking Back

A few years ago New Hope UMC was at a point where its continued existence was hanging in the balance. This church had been in the community for 185 years and was the place many of our ancestors called home. This would not have been the first church to close its doors in this modern age where attendance is declining. Struggling churches generally keep going until they run out of money. Money was not the problem at New Hope. The stewards that came before us had left the church in good shape financially. They had also left us with a beautiful sanctuary. Our problem was that we had lost our enthusiasm for the Lord. In spite of our facilities and bank balance, we had no programs: no Sunday School, Bible study, music program or fellowship activities. We loved the Lord but you couldn’t prove it on Sunday morning.

We knew our survival would eventually depend on getting new members and old ones to return. We would need a new spirit. We prayed that the Lord would bless us and felt that He would. And He did. We got a new pastor and things began to happen. But before that, we did what men usually do. We decided to fix up the place a little, take care of our property, honor our heritage and the Lord in our way. We got started and kept on going. A listing of major (and minor) projects completed is shown opposite.
From the Pastor

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. Luke 12:48(NIV)

The congregations at New Hope UMC have been given much over the last 185 years. The congregations responded at every opportunity in their tithes and giving to the church. Over the years, the congregations have been entrusted with much - the sanctuary, the landscaping, the fellowship hall; those congregations were entrusted with much more, taking special care with the House of the Lord.

We too have been given much and entrusted with much. To date the church family at New Hope has been willing and able to take care of that with which we have been entrusted. But, times have changed and we need additional monies in order to take care of our beautiful stained glass windows in the sanctuary

We ask that you prayerfully consider this request.

With Thanksgiving Blessings
Sandra Whetsell, Pastor