January 18, 2013 Newsletter
New Beginnings at New Hope
New Beginnings Committee Meeting

A meeting was held on January 17, 2013 at 214 River Drive. Four members were present. Highlights of the meeting are as follows:
  • painting of the fellowship hall was approved. Through the efforts of Sidney Bowman and Gilbert O'Cain, two estimates have been received. A group including Bowman, Glenn Simpson and John Fairey will look at these bids, interview the painters and receive other bids if deemed necessary.
  • a landscaping plan for the church was recommended for study. The first phase would include the west foundation and a planter for the sign. Art Whetstone and Glenn Simpson will visit Plant Depot for ideas and report back to the group.
  • A price for water service to the church has been obtained. Glenn will contact an individual he knows at Orangeburg Utilities for the best possible pricing.
  • the actual order for the water service was postponed pending a PPRC meeting on January 27 to discuss the status of the lease, including the possibility of early termination.
  • a yard sale will be held at the community center in April. It was felt that if the church would participate, it would be an excellent opportunity to dispose of surplus furniture in the fellowship hall and to give individual members a chance to contribute and fellowship together. Glenn will keep us advised as to a definite date and we will publish details in this newsletter.
The Sounds of Silence

The Quakers have an interesting way to receive guidance called a "clearness committee". The person seeking guidance invites individuals to be part of a discernment group. To begin the process, the seeker talks about the decision to be made, helping committee members understand the issues. After a time of silence, the group members ask questions. They do not give advice but may only ask questions. The seeker may respond if the questions are requests for clarification. Each question and answer is followed by a period of silence, until all questions have been asked. The group then waits in silence until they reach consensus that all important considerations have surfaced. The seeker emerges with a clearer understanding of what to consider as a basis for action - or refraining from such.

Listening requires silence on the part of the listener. Jim Arant asked us to pray and then listen for God's guidance. If we don't hear anything, we are to continue the process until we do. Listening to another person requires respect - and silence.

Nell Busch 1921-2013

Long time New Hope member Nell Busch passed away Friday, January 11, 2013. In a moving tribute last Sunday, Reverend Bob Scroggs gave us assurance from the scriptures that a life on earth lived for Jesus is a pathway to heaven. Nell Busch led such a life with her devotion to her Lord, her church and her family. Our thoughts and prayers are with New Hope members Steve, Patsy and Will Bruce, and with the entire Busch family.

An a capella choir provided soulful, stirring music for the service.

Can I Get a Witness?

As Christians, we are called to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. This is known as discipleship. The New Hope Mission Statement reads "to make disciples for Jesus, by living as God's people in thought, word, and deed, and sharing God's love through witness, worship, fellowship and outreach." So how does one witness? Rick Warren says by "simply sharing your personal experience regarding the Lord. In a courtroom, a witness isn't expected to argue the case, prove the truth, or press for a verdict; that is the job of the attorneys. Jesus said, "You will be my witness" not you will be my attorney." So what is your personal story about how your life changed after you met Jesus? How do you know how much you need him? What do you say when asked why you are a Christian? Peter says Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect..1 Peter 3:16

Upcoming Meetings
  • New Beginnings Committee Thursday, January 24, 2013, 2 p.m. at 214 River Drive
  • PPRC meeting, Sunday January 27, 2013, at the church, time to be determined.
  • Jim Arant Second Follow Up: Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 2 p.m., at the church