New Hope UMC


The day was September 29, 2019. It was a day of singing, praise and being moved by the Spirit. It was a day of worship. Led by Ed Hinshaw, we enjoyed a moving and memorable worship in song at New Hope. Ed was accompanied by Misty Salley on the piano. They were both accompanied by the congregation for several hymns. The program featured several solos by Ed taken from the book of Psalms which was his theme for the day. They included "How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings" and "On Eagle's Wings". The congregation joined in on the latter singing the chorus. We concluded the service with the inspirational hymn, "Precious Lord Take My Hand". Ed gave us the sad and moving story behind the writing of this beautiful hymn. A video of this program is available, click here

repair_frontWe had a wonderful dinner following the service with an abundance of southern comfort food delights provided by the folks at the Kuckery. Kevin reminded us how important fellowship is to our Christian faith. We are blessed at New Hope in many ways. These occasions of friends coming together are the most important part of our church calendar. We have many people to thank for this activity going back to its beginnings several years ago. it is an uplifting experience to see people gather in the name of the Lord at any time, but especially on occasions such as this. large part of these celebrations is the fellowship dinner which follows. Not only the good food, but folks getting together again, renewing acquaintances and catching up. We were treated to a generous offering of southern favorites and an array of desserts provided by some of our members. In addition, the weather cooperated, meaning no rain. 

As usual, we have many folks to thank - certainly Ed, Misty, Kevin and the team at New Hope. As usual they prepared for the event with an easy grace that is remarkable and commendable. We thank also the ladies of the church who got everything read and prepared the delectable desserts. And to the members and old friends who enjoyed another gathering at New Hope, we say thank you for taking time to remember us and be with us. And most of all, God, who has blessed us abundantly and to whom we offer our Thankfulness. 


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