New Hope UMC

Author: India Edghill, 1999.

This is a book of fiction, yet it is so compelling, that readers may contemplate the accuracy of the story as told. Since our next Bible Study centers around The Life of David, this may be a book to consider reading; I found it fascinating.

From the description of the book slip cover: The only woman in the Bible who is noted to have loved a man, Queen Michal was King David’s childhood sweetheart, his first wife, and daughter of his great friend and greater enemy, King Saul. Married to, and then abandoned by David at age fourteen, Michal is forced to marry him again and become his first queen ten years later. Thrown into transition and turmoil, Queen Michal resists the ambition and greed that have become integral to David’s personality and kingship.

Acting nobly as his queen, but refusing to compromise her soul, Michal is drawn by friendship to the women in the king’s court. Among his concubines and mistresses is Bathsheba, who becomes the mother of David’s son, Solomon. In Queen Maker, Michal emerges as a wise and loving woman whose female family sustains her and establishes the spiritual foundation of the entire kingdom.

Queen Maker depicts in unforgettable detail the characters of one of the greatest periods in Biblical history – both their public deeds and their private thoughts – and gives readers the court of the kings as only a woman could see it.

May be found at, queenmaker. or in the New Hope UMC Library.

Reviewed by: Sandra Whetsell