New Hope UMC

1: Our Father in Heaven 

May 16, 2019

We decided to change gears and are moving from Dr. Mohler's study to one by the Shepherd Church in California. They are both on the Lord's Prayer and both use a video presentation to begin each week's lesson. The video is led by Dusty Frizzell. There is a pdf file available on the web at this link if you want to review or engage in advance preparation, although that is not necessary. 

We watched the video presentation and then Kevin lead us in a discussion of the main points which are concerned with the first words of the Lord's Prayer, 'our Father in Heaven". 

  •  we acknowledge that God is our father, that is to say that he is the father of us all, which includes Jesus, who is the person giving us the words to pray. 
  • we look at the characteristics of earthly fathers: our own, TV characters, other fathers we admire. Mentioned were courage, knowledge, wisdom, dependability and compassion. 
  • we understand that we are His children, all of us, including Jesus. We are created, Jesus is begotten, meaning that he is the same as the Father. 
  • characteristics and traits of good children were discussed. These include trust, obedience, comfort, respect, teachability, tolerance, dependent upon, loving, innocent and honoring. 

Our next session is on "Hallowed be the Name", the holiness of God. We will not be meeting on May 23, so this next lesson will be on May 30. Bible passages discussing the holiness of God can be accessed by following the link above and paging down to Session Two. The Psalms are particularly rich in describing the holiness of God.