New Hope UMC

3: Discipleship Begins with Relationships 

November 21, 2019

In the final installment of See All The People, Rev. Dotson and Pastor Armstrong give us the essence of what achieving a mission of making disciples is all about. It's hard to imagine after 2,000 years of Christianity that we can come upon any groundbreaking ideas or new information. But that is exactly what this lesson feels like. Sometimes we have to try to get back to what we have lost. To what the early Christians owed their very existence to: working together, praying together and supporting each other. Relationships were a given in those meager circumstances,  but the hard life they faced brought out the best in what following Jesus was all about. We now find ourselves in a society where those close relationships seem an option rather than a necessity. We are beset with television and social media to the extent that even the art of conversation is sometimes slipping away. 

The authors are bringing the concept that discipleship begins with relationships. They must be authentic, organic and consistent. In other words, we are to seek out and develop relationships with people we encounter and those we are serving. Soup kitchens and food banks are fine but the idea is to bring the opportunity of knowing Christ to those we are serving. This occurs through individual contacts where people care about each other. You can't fake sincerity which is a trap we churches seem to fall into at times. We value our programs an missions certainly but we should care even more about the people we are reaching through them. Orgainic means that relationships are built in to the fabric of the church. It is the central theme of everything we do. It must be consistently applied in our church outreach, not just a once in a while thing.

Thiis had been a really good and eye opening series, althogh a short one. There is much more avaiilable from See All The People that we could explore. Thanks to Kevin for bringing this to us. And thanks to for putting this together.