New Hope UMC

3: Come, Follow Me 

March 12, 2020

Prayer and attitude is the subject in Week 4 of the series. Pastor Emily Sutton gives us the takeaway. "“During the season of fasting, prayer and giving, we do not lose focus of why we do what we do. We are seeking to put our faith into practice. Lent is not about our words or actions for others to see, but in order to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.) We have to be aware of turning pious acts into performance. Jesus is not seeking performance. Jesus desires that we increase faith through prayer, fasting and giving in ways that point to God not ourselves.” (Sutton, page 30) We must examine our own motives and authenticity of how we practice our faith. When we give alms, pray and fast, we are not creating a performance out of our practice, but to grow closer to God and one another."

Deep commitment can come only though devotion to the Lord through study and prayer. We are not called to display Christianity like an ornament but to live it, to have it emerge from deep within us. Drawing attention to ourselves is warned against by Jesus as he counsels the disciples on how to pray. As the hymn tells us, we are to "Spend much time in secret,, with Jesus alone". Take time to be holy.