New Hope UMC

Cemetery Future Plans

• archway entrance

• wrought iron fence

• planters

• ornamental trees and shrubs

• water service

• add interments to

Archway Entrance examples.


example of marker

marker and gateway, Ebenezer Baptist Cordova

Sunnyside, Orangeburg

restoration case study

Wrought iron fences.

Dantzler - Hart, Wells

Planter example.

Oak Ridge Cemetery

Water Service.

There is currently no water service to the cemetery. It will be needed to support the shrubs, trees and flowers in planters. The cost for the service is approximately $1,200.

Adding interments to

Find A Grave is a website that contains millions of gravesite info that has been added through the years. With the advent of the internet, Find A Grave has become an invaluable resource for genealogists. We have over 300 graves spanning over two centuries in New Hope Cemetery. We also have a census that was prepared by the Orangeburg Historical Society showing interments through 2002, which gives us a good starting point. Here is an example of a site at Wesley Grove Cemetery in Cordova.